Demonetization – the Elephant is through, its tail seems stuck though !

Disclaimer – Krishnan and I are unaffected by the demonetization move since we were using less cash earlier and now use even lesser cash. We have done most of our transactions online. Some of my views may therefore be coloured due to this :), There was 15,5 Lakh crore worth of 500 and 1000 rupee … Read more

NEFT-ed, PayTM-ed, Chequ-ed, Credit-ed to stay #Cashless

Today is a month since the historic demonetization move by the Government of India. Here’s a personal account of how we have managed and the challenges that still remain – The day it was announced, we checked the number of Rs. 500 notes with us and found that we just had 6 notes. In 100’s … Read more

Demonetization for political dummies & the intelligent common man

Mr. S. Gurumurthy came into the limelight when he went after the poster boy of Indian business tycoons .. Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, and then took on Bofors and then many other things. I remember seeing a series done by him for some TV channel on the local business practices of India and why we cannot … Read more

De-monetization Vs Demon-ization

“et”.. just two letters that make all the difference. Today Gandhiji is cringing because there is a huge crowd of “politicians” standing in front of his statue in Delhi and asking for a rollback of the demonezation. For 14 years, many so called “leaders” used a particular riot in Gujarat to demonize one man – Narendra … Read more