Silently guilty – all of us

Sushmita was a regular woman married to an army officer. Her son was studying engineering in Assam. She committed suicide at the age of 45 in Oct 2012.

Pinki is unable to get her 4 year old son into a good school …

Someone was living in a flat that he owned and has moved into a “chawl”

These stories are not happening in a movie where dramatically “Krishh” or some other superman will wipe off their tears, resurrect Sushmita and restore their lives in 3 hours. This is real life but many of us are watching it like a movie, infact with lesser emotional connect.

The producer of this movie is raking in the moolah and paying 4 Crores to buy a horse and 14 crores to buy a cricket player. We the moviegoers are watching the skimpily clad women that make up his calendar and TV channels repeatedly show his son smooching a movie star.

Hopefully the identity of these people is clear now – Kingfisher airlines’ employee woes and Vijay Mallya’s splurging. He doesn’t have money to pay people’s salaries but has 14 crores to buy Yuvraj and we watch the matches. How are we not guilty ?? As long as it doesn’t affect us, we think it’s ok to live our lives. We have just six degrees of separation from every one of those Kingfisher employees just as we have six degrees of separation with Vijay Mallya.

Can we atleast protest by boycotting the Royal Challengers games ?

Here are the links to the above stories :

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2 thoughts on “Silently guilty – all of us”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you…..

    And here is another angle:

    The past few months have revealed the corruption that is rife in cricket. The very moolah that cricket rakes in is the source of this corruption.

    How is this moolah generated?

    The average cricket fan does not get tickets to the actual game. He is forced to watch it on TV. Sponsors line up to pay lakhs for every minute of advertising and every inch of screen and ground space. (Have you noticed how little of the TV screen shows cricket now-a-days?)

    You want to stop corruption in cricket? Simply turn off your TV.

    The average Indian talks about corruption affecting their life but will not do anything to stop it!

  2. Dear Bindu, Read your post on VIjay Mallya. He also happens to be the highest loan defaulter in the country and is a glorified RS MP. Who in their right minds would even support his nomination? This guy must be jailed like the Sahara guy( they are also partners in the other racket called FI). Lalitha Raghavan


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