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The lost soul

He was a star Feted and loved Dependable and a man of integrity, Then came a fork in the road And he took the wrong turn, The bottles emptied thick and fast Some lies and some truths Some beating and some running away He was to reach heights […]

Someday ..

The full moon plays hide and seek As the car weaves through traffic, The tall buildings try and offer cover, Where once the trees did .. You can’t look up, unless You stop … And stop you cannot ! The honey colored moon can wait But that bill […]

Life School

This was written by me on the Hussain Sagar express train on Jan 11, 2003 “This school never closes Until you graduate It opens every day With the Sun, And goes on till you Nod off to sleep… You wade through it Sometimes over sharp stones, Sometimes over […]

I Wait….

I wait for the day, When I can eat off the roads .. I wait for the day, When I can drink water anywhere.. I wait for the day, When I can go alone .. Everywhere, at anytime, I wait for the day, When “made in India” will […]

To Life – 16/12/1989

“To Life” In living, The daily routine, Amidst the tears, The smiles The victory and defeat, We forget … Life ! Life isn’t existing, Life is living, Life is conviction, And life is joy !! …….It’s an experience, Given by the unseen Nature, Made of emotions, Feelings, love […]

Split second drama…

All the drama, All the laughter and tears All the hatred and love Between two breaths.. The cycle of life and death Between the time you breathe in And are able to breathe out …. Then again breathe in… If anywhere along the way, The cycle breaks All […]

A life unlived

One of my uncles passed away yesterday … He was married to my father’s sister. She had passed away almost six years back. They have three children, two daughters and a son, all married with children of their own. My aunt had a sharp tongue but she worked […]

Make up ?

Make up not, The spots and warts On your face, Just clean your heart And the spots go away… Make up not, The scars and lines Don’t fill your age with Botox, A well lived life Will have scars and lines… Make up not, The words you speak, […]

Twenty three

It seems like the fluttering Of the eyelid, just once But twenty three years Flew by Years of keeping the promise Given, in the first look The long hair gone The bald pâté A handsomer you And the same wild me What a ride we have had And […]

The room is empty

The empty room, is empty again Temporarily filled, Nine years of memories Filled three cartons And a heart full … To step away from the familiar To embrace the unknown The memorised extensions To be expanded The voices different The thoughts new … And another adventure begins A […]

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