Sri Krishna Mayam … & Airport WiFi

I have the distinct pleasure of being on the first Lufthansa flight that allowed wifi in the air… but I have never used the wifi at airports in India. The first time Krishnan and I used airport wifi very effectively was at the Bangkok airport as we transited through it in 2016 to visit Laos.

Then on 23rd of April I went to Coimbatore for a day to surprise Hareesh on his 50th birthday. While returning the next day, I got a race driver as my cab driver and I reached the airport with ample time to spare. Coimbatore airport has three stores of Sri Krishna sweets. Sarvam Krishna Mayam. 😂😂.

I didn’t know about the stores after the security check so I bought some “noruks” (snacks) from the store at the entrance and then found the bigger store after the security check. If anyone wants a lesson about the impact of packaging – here’s a comparison. If you buy the jazzy pack of “murukku” you pay Rs. 100 for 180 gms…. if you buy the “murukku” sans the fancy packing, it’s ₹340/- for a kilo of it. I obviously bought a kilo sans the fancy packing and guess what – got a biodegradable “plastic-like” bag with it.

They don’t use plastic ! Hurray. Kudos to Sri Krishna Sweets for taking this green step. Now please stop convincing customers that they can eat the “Mysore Paaaaa” of theirs and wash it down with hot water to have no cholesterol build up. A little far fetched because the loads of sugar in the “Mysore Paaaaa” can wreck a month of exercise.

Anyway, besides the Sri Krishna store the other thing I discovered was the Jio airport wifi. I managed to “FaceTime” with Krishnan and Amma using their super fast wifi. Today I was pleasantly surprised to find a super fast TATA Docomo wifi connection at the Delhi and Chennai airport. Posting this blog using the airport wifi.

So India is changing… no thanks to NaMo, but all thanks to Sri Krishna, Sri Rama and Nehru’s grace shining down on us from heaven. Thanks Chachaji. 👏😂

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