Spot the bird !

Found this Peahen walking amidst the cars in our Condo complex a few days back (before the lockdown was announced) when we were out walking. The lockdown is complete now, so we are walking inside the house.

In the world of Peacocks – the male Peacock has to do all the attracting and the plain Peahen doesn’t have to be pretty or well turned out :). Peahens are empowered. Hahaha.

Its fascinating how well the Peahen is camouflaged even with modern day vehicles… and in the wild they simply merge with the background. We realised how the camouflage helps them escape predators when we did the safari in Botswana. Even the predators blend so well with the grass etc that the hunted doesn’t even see them. We came upon a pride of lions basking in the Sun… totally in plain sight but only when you get close. They were unseen from a distance.


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