Spineless and Indifferent

A couple of months back the nation was outraged that a young woman was raped and stabbed in a condo complex in Mumbai and she actually managed to drag herself and knock on her neighbours doors, but no one came out to help her. We read that in disbelief and tut tutted saying “this generation doesn’t care, people don’t know their neighbours, people are interested only in money” …. Really ?

Today there was a television show on NDTV about Sri Lanka, three years after the war against LTTE. The scene described above was repeated with thousands of young girls, women and even grandmoms who were raped by the Sri Lankan army and who pleaded with their neighbour, India to help. We stayed silent, because if we had helped them, Sri Lanka would have strengthened ties with China and we didn’t want that – how does it matter that probably the worst genocide in the 21st century was being perpetrated in a neighbour’s house ?

How different are the above two instances ? We, the people of India are spineless and indifferent, and we have a Government that is spineless and indifferent … The world’s largest democracy, where we have free elections and elect a Government “by the people, for the people, of the people”.

What are you complaining about ? The person reflected in the mirror is ugly, bent over and looking away ? Ofcourse, that’s who you are and that’s what the Government of India is – spineless and indifferent and definitely ugly.

The question is – who needs to change ? Remember the mirror only reflects what comes in front of it, otherwise it’s happy being empty.

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