Happy Birthday Manish

I met him on my first ride with the Pedalyatris… May of 2009. The first thing he did was to increase the height of my saddle, without heeding to my protests that I am scared if my feet don’t touch the ground. And a bunch of men, including Krishnan made me ride to Mangar that day – I decided then that I will never ride with this group, they are crazy. I have made that decision several times after that, but never stuck to it and am glad I did not !!

Over the next few months this man became one of my dearest friends, and his children became Krishnan’s dearest friends adding to Swati’s woes. Here she was trying hard to teach the children to be a little more disciplined and there comes Krishnan to teach them new ways of mischief. Swati and I bonded over a common bone of contention with Manish, his unnaturally close friendship with a certain bearded man :):)

The countless rides, the phone calls, the change in hairstyles, the surprise birthday parties, the test of a miner’s lamp by flashing it across (Aadit was thrilled), the many trips to the bottom of the pit for doing or saying wrong things, the struggles to climb out by doing and saying nice things to me, the many discussions on people, politics and office – just cemented our friendship more. Then the move to Bangalore … I was heartbroken. It just made it difficult to meet more often, nothing else I thought, but Bangalore changed Manish ! He forgot my anniversary, lost my phone number, spoke more to the bearded man and the ultimate change was to come to Gurgaon and go by my house and meet many other friends and not me 🙁 I truly was heartbroken. He is working on technology that will alert him as soon as I set foot in Bangalore, because I have every intention of repeating his action 🙂

Manish, today is your birthday and wish you many many many happy returns. I am still miffed, but you are too wonderful a person and very dear to us to not wish you. You got your gift earlier this week with the news that Swati shared with you and the bearded guy did not, hope that works as a gift :):)

Happy birthday once again ! May the years ahead be as wonderful as you are.

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