Ideas Man

Last Sunday I was working on creating the program for a one day intervention on Monday and as always Krishnan was finding me interesting videos and other material. He found the right video for the finale and that really was a grand finale for the intervention. Then this Sunday I was working on another homework for ISB and he gave me a brilliant suggestion … Which again worked. !!

Am married to an ideas man. Krishnan’s mind is ticking all the time, he is either thinking of the next prank he can pull or the next one liner that he can use as a repartee or another outlandish idea. His whole thinking is geared towards options – the more, the better ! He does drive me up the wall sometimes when I just want one idea, one choice, but more often, am just stunned with his thought process and the novelty of his thought.

That little boy who pulled the stool from under his mom’s feet just because she dared him to, has never really grown up and should not grow up – the curiosity and spunk that the little boy possesses are just invaluable.

I can always recognize Krishnan in any of his childhood pictures easily, just by the twinkle in his eyes 🙂 nearly twelve years back, my dear friend Varun asked us home. His mom is a teacher, and am sure is a great teacher. She took one look at Krishnan and told him – “you must have been very mischievous as a boy” no question mark, just the statement :):):) and she was so right.

We do make a nice pair – one is ready with a 1000 ways to do something and the other is wild enough to try them all … Thank God we are married to each other. Imagine a normal woman marrying him or a normal man marrying me ?

Siva, each would have pulled their hair out one at a time, going bald out of sheer frustration !! Hahahahahaha

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