Sky @ Five …

For the past two days I have been clicking pictures of the evening sky around 5.45 pm. It happened inadvertently yesterday. As we stood waiting for the elevator to come up to the 12th floor, I turned around and was treated to a magical sky view.

Stunning colours of the Sky @ 5.50 pm on Nov 27, 2020

How do you get THAT colour ? Its surreal. But thanks to designer Satya Paul, I have a saree that captures these beautiful colours :):). I bought this saree at a sale in Dec 2014 and wore it first at Geetu’s place in July 2015. Its such a beautiful saree !!

Sky - colours in a saree
A Satya Paul Saree with the colours of the sky !

I captured a picture today at 5.50 pm and the colours of the sky were just as dramatic ! The beautiful colours of the Sky from our balcony.

Sky @ Five

It looks like the set of some movie thats set in some futuristic date … There is really no comparison to a show that Nature puts up. The dramatic skies are just to be enjoyed.

An old blogpost that captures the drama – A Beautiful Day & a Stunning Evening.

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