A Beautiful Day & a Stunning Evening

Amma, Krishnan and I were out for our morning walk yesterday and it was a nice crisp morning with a slight cool breeze. Even the pollution levels seemed average. I took a picture as the Sun was reddening the sky ….

A beautiful morning as the Sun is about to rise … the colours of the sky are so dramatic !

And then we spotted this long tailed bird and while I managed to take a picture before it flew off, the bird is so well camouflaged in this tree that its difficult to spot :).

Our electrician Nityanand had come yesterday and put the Diwali lights on both the balconies. So I went out around 6 pm to see if all of them were lit and again the colours of the sky were magical. Here are a few pictures that I took in the evening.

Just can’t get over the colours of the sky and of course the Diwali lights
The string of lights next to the two conical towers is not Diwali decoration but a Delhi Metro train ….

If only we could regulate the outward shapes of the private buildings we will be able to create an even more stunning cityscape. We have such a beautiful country !

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