Married to a Doll…

Kazakhstani bodybuilder marries sex doll after whirlwind romance

This headline popped up on Flipboard and I first thought there was some typo error. Next I thought this body builder had married some lady who looked like a doll, but the picture looked like an inanimate doll. Out of curiosity I clicked on the article and I was truly shocked to read that a human being had actually married an inanimate “doll”.


For the life of me I could not understand why anyone would want to marry an inanimate thing !!! The world out there is either getting wildly bizarre or am truly getting old.

I have been reading a bit about the virtual reality world out of curiosity and I did read up on “Second Life” when it was launched in 2004. I remember wondering why someone would want an alter virtual avatar when life itself offers you the opportunity to be whoever you wish to be. I can understand why some authors would like to write under a pseudonym but marrying an inanimate object is just $%&*ing unbelievable.

I was surprised to see the news item a few days back about Japan’s stuffed toy clinic, where you can take your stuffed toy for surgeries and imagined illnesses (basically repair). We have 7 billion people living on Earth and we can’t find even one soul to connect to ?

I have also read about virtual pets, who have to be fed and taken care of as regular pets….

I had one doll as a child and even that was lying safely in a cupboard. It has been given away ages back. My mother maintained it because she likes to keep things clean but I felt no connection to the doll. I have never played with toys and as an adult, haven’t played any video games either. Am I the odd one out ?

I totally understand the connect one has to live pets – dogs, cows, squirrels, cats, even dangerous reptiles like snakes and crocodiles. I also understand the connection to houses, temples, idols, charms, mosques, buildings etc or to Nature, trees, grass, flowers but no one gets married to a house or a flower ! Yes, certain communities get the girl married to a tree but that is symbolic and its not that the girl fell in love with the tree and wanted to live with it. That would be a tree lover and they will love all trees, but won’t marry them.

I have no issues in young children playing with toys but somewhere, shouldn’t they grow up?

Is this a precursor to a world where robots and non-humans live along with us human beings, as part of our family or is it a malaise that needs correction and soon. What’s next ? Women deciding to marry dildos rather than men ? Safer, no domestic violence or rape and no chance of accidental pregnancy.

If a natural calamity ended the reign of dinosaurs, the most intelligent species will wipe itself out by marrying plastic dolls and inanimate toys !!!! What a way to flame out of existence. Bloody f$&k#!g hell.

Hey, get ISIS a whole bus load of these dolls … let them leave the “live” girls alone.

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