Sindutai’s qualification is ??

Oh finally someone is smart enough to understand the link between education and degrees !!!! And all of us dithering citizens are so dumb, neither educated nor with degrees that we didn’t know whom to vote for. For instance we didn’t know that a tea seller should not get so many of our votes, we didn’t know that a waitress at McD should not get enough votes to bother the “well” educated son of a former prime minister, we didn’t know enough to give lots of votes to a foul-mouthed-sycophant and ensure he once again speaks through the wrong side of his body, we don’t understand anything and without the highly educated first family and the really educated Mr. Maken, Mr.Sibal and Mr. Chidambaram – how can India get ahead ??

I completely agree with Mr. Maken – how can Smriti Irani be given the HRD ministry ? Can she be corruption free and think like Mr. Sibal who was indicted by the CAG for favouring a certain firm ? Can she develop the ₹5000 tablet and fulfil just 10% of the orders and not refund money to others fully ? Can she fiddle with the freedom of speech and try and control what’s posted on Facebook, Twitter etc ? Can she ensure that the text books talk of Rahul Rajiv and nothing about Veer Savarkar or Subhas Chandra Bose ? Can she change the grading system midway and cause angst ? She can’t ! Because she is just not competent – she should have passed out of St. Stephens or studied further at Harvard and got a couple of degrees and a doctorate.

(Late) Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan hopefully is acceptable as HRD minister … But unfortunately the school he studied in “The Hindu theological high school” doesn’t even exist anymore. The man who thought of the mid-day meal scheme that brought children to school and the man who implemented it never completed primary schooling – Kamaraj and MGR. Kamaraj was a freedom fighter and one of the finest chief ministers of his time. He was also the INC’s president. Yes, he is forgotten because the current President’s mother-in-law never liked him 🙂

Mr. Maken read about Sindutai Sapkal… She doesn’t have any degree but knows the value of education and 1000+ orphans have been educated by her through begging – have you or Mr. Sibal or Mr. Chidambaram done anything half as worthwhile ?

Smriti, you go girl, the degree holders can keep their degrees and go back to the school of life and get themselves an education, like you have. Go and be the Sindhutai to the country. Ignore the uneducated naysayers, don’t waste time on irrelevant people.

Mr. Maken the following poster is just for you –


Get it ?

Note: Read this blog which brings out the point much better. Adding the link here. Mr. Maken and others are welcome to read it and get a little more educated. The best qualification for HRD minister Smriti Irani

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  1. Bindu- Smriti went to school with Vaishali throughout and was taught by my Mother in law… She was a topper and the school sports captain!!! Oh yes, she also worked at McD post that, became a model and the top TV star in her own right, worked her way through the political organization of her choice to come where she has reached. She is urbane, sophisticated, clear headed,an achiever with 2 kids of her own!! Imagine what she is going to teach the kids- it is ok to work hard, have dignity of labour, follow your dreams, cock a hoop at college and still dream big!!!

    With 2 of my daughters in the school system now- I cant think of a better qualified person to head this ministry…

    The problem is that the elite “Old boys club” cant believe that they have been ” Out smarted, Out Manoeuvred, Out though” by a silly tea vendor and his McD waitress. Horrors, they will be St Stephens colleges in every city, Doon schools in every village- even more horrific- admission process in schools and colleges will not put parents in stress and burn their pockets (not just put holes in them). What a terrible idea!!!!!

  2. Bindu, I have reached a point of being fed up with politicos and their daily shenanigans. I find it futile to even comment about them any more, but thanks to one of them, (Every one has their uses I suppose!) I got to read about Sindhutai. What a woman! Thanks a ton for sharing the story. Really enjoyed reading it. Hats off to her for her ability to forgive her husband who relied on someone else’s brain instead of his own while throwing her out on the streets! That requires a larger than life personality with an even larger heart to do so.


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