Sari story 3 – anything can be done in a sari !

I love the color black… Especially black sarees are stunning. I have several black ones in every fabric and usually I would wear a black sari on Fridays to work. This sari is a Kanchivaram silk sari that we bought at Prasiddhi Silks, Bangalore. Vidya had bought me a sari from them in 2007 and I loved it. This was bought in 2013 and I wore it immediately, not waiting for any occasion. Infact I haven’t managed to get the falls stitched even now and the blouse got stitched only recently :):)

These pictures were taken at Amit’s house in Shahpur while loading the Yeti’s rooftop box. During our term 2 at ISB, we all went bowling and Sajive asked me if I can bowl in a sari and I said yes. I was wearing a sari in class and just went in the same one to bowl. The sari is the most comfortable dress for most activities … Sure running and cycling etc will need shorts and tights but regular everyday stuff can easily be done in a sari. Well there is an old lady in Maharashtra who runs marathons in a sari !! So that can be done too. 



The stool is carried with us to help loading the rooftop box. 🙂

The border on this sari is not real “zari” and the Pallu has some machine made embroidery in silk thread. Yes, the black beads are obsidian stones and from Desh Maheswari. 

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