Grand views and grander service ! 

Please see this picture and you will recognize Krishnan in the Wharton T.Shirt. The other person that you may not recognize is Sanjeev and he works at the Hotel Grand View, Dalhousie. 


Sanjeev redefined service for us. He was always available and went way over and above expectations. As soon as the luggage was brought in, he came in and helped setting up the room and told us to call “333” if we needed anything. We thought it was a routine comment and let it be. 

When we went for dinner he was there again in the restaurant, said hello to us and immediately told mom to let him know what she wanted to eat. He got her the soup at the table and then told us to try the Paranthas (tiny, really well made ones). Got us rotis and insisted we try certain dishes as they were specials. When he saw we weren’t picking those dishes up, he got us small portions to try at the table. He even went and passed on our compliments to the singer :):):).

The same behaviour was repeated at breakfast and dinner the next day …. He was always there. We told him on 29th that we wanted an early dinner since we don’t eat a late dinner and had to leave early the next day. He never had to ask his boss, which is credit to the hotel management and immediately agreed to bring us the dinner in the room. The buffet dinner is paid for, and he adjusted this room service dinner in that !!! No fuss, no nonsense about extra charges etc. The hotel might have lost a little money because of serving us dinner in the room but they have gained a delighted customer who will speak about them to many others. When we met the owner of the hotel, he said clearly that his instructions are to do whatever the customer wants and not to wait for his decision. As long as there was no major expense, he was not to be asked. Great empowering management style in action !!

Sanjeev just bowled us over with his service and proved yet again that delightful customer service comes from a service mindset and the opportunity that the environment provides. The degrees help you “do” the things “rightly” but a service mindset lets you do the “right” things. 

Here is a grand view – 


Stunning right ? But Sanjeev’s service was grander and will stick to us forever. May his tribe grow and prosper. 

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