Sabudana Vada Sans Oil

I don’t like any Vada … whether made at home or in a restaurant. Particularly, the Sabudana vada is full of oil as Sabudana (tapioca pearls) soaks up a lot of oil. This vada also has another vegetable that I dislike, potatoes :). The funny thing is, Sabudana Khichadi is comfort food for me. I absolutely love it, but I would never eat the Vada.

When I got the Havells Air Oven, I joined a Air Fryer Recipes group on FB. I kept waiting for someone to post a Sabudana Vada recipe and someone did recently. I immediately tried making it and it was surprising how little oil was soaked by the Vada !! I used ghee, but sparingly and the Vadas still turned out to be soft inside and crispy outside.

Sabudana Vada
The Sabudana Vada Recipe
Sabudana Vada
Soft on the inside and crispy outside – these Sabudana Vadas sans oil tasted yum !

Things to note :

  1. Each Oven and Air Fryer’s temperature settings is unique. For instance I Air Fried the Vadas at 185 deg C and for 15 minutes.
  2. If the whole mix doesn’t stick together, you might need a little more of the mashed potato to bind the mix.
  3. Ghee in place of oil tastes better and is healthier. Anyway, you just need a couple of spoons in the mix and probably a spoon of ghee to brush the Vadas.

Measurements that I used for the Sabudana Vadas –

Soaked Sabudana – 2/3 C; One large potato mashed; Two green chillies; 1/4 C roasted peanuts broken; juice of one lemon; small bunch of fresh coriander; 1 TSP Jeera and 1/2 TSP of Red chilli powder.

I made 7 Vadas out of this mix.

This is a great snack when made with less oil. Would not recommend the deep fried version :):) unless you are a young athlete who can work it all off.

Enjoy the healthier version of this popular and tasty snack. #GoVegetarian

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