Reynold – A Genius

Reynold was eliminated from Masterchef Australia Season 12 in yesterday’s episode. While we know the end result and the winner, we still felt sad. Krishnan and I are huge fans of Reynold Poernomo. His desserts are out of this world and it was truly fascinating to see someone create such magic with food presentation !

Here is a slideshow of some of his creations during Masterchef Season 12.

Reynold is a genius, undoubtedly. Am sure he will be considered a food legend, and will find a place amongst the greats. He is still very young !

In the last episode, he recreated a super complex dessert without even reading through the notes fully. That cost him a shot at winning the trophy, but it also makes one realise that you are seeing a genius in action.

Krishnan and I definitely want to visit KOI – The dessert bar, that Reynold runs alongwith his brothers and mother. More than eating the desserts, I think its just wanting to meet the young man, because we are blown away by his creativity and his passion for food. His presentation and creative thinking is exactly that of a great painter, sculptor or any creative genius and the result is just as spectacular. The photographs above prove that.

Being an immigrant to Australia from Indonesia, struggling through difficult days and still wanting to pursue his passion is a rare combination. We also could see the focus, and the determination to succeed right through the competition. Unfortunately, it wasn’t his day and probably not his time to lift the trophy ! Something better must be in store for him.

Genius needs grit and continuous learning to become a success. Just hoping that Reynold has the necessary grit to hang in there, plus put in diligent efforts to learn new things. We wish him the very best and hope to see him in person sometime soon.

Note – The Masterchef Australia season 12 was concluded sometime in July 2020, but the telecast in India starts in September and will conclude tomorrow. That’s why we know the winner is Emelia.

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