Farmers Protest 2020 – The Last Stand?

Earlier in the month I wrote about the Farmers Protest 2020 – Sowing Trouble. These farmer protests are clearly not about the Farm Bills, because these bills do benefit the farmers. GoI also consulted nearly 93 Lakh farmers across the country, so they haven’t taken a unilateral political decision. Read Farm Laws: Modi Govt Reached out to 93 Lakh Farmers. Despite that, the protests continue and in my opinion, this is The Last Stand of the break-India forces that are funded by people like George Soros.

Other Metrics Trending Right

  1. Covid 19 Pandemic dealt with brilliantly by India. A recovery rate well over 95% and the active cases trending downward, we are in a good spot. Unfortunately for the commies, left leaning libtards, no one from the Nehru dynasty can be credited with this. The Modi govt. has truly managed (continues to manage) this crisis brilliantly. We are poised to become the vaccine manufacturers for the world ! The GST collections have returned to pre-covid levels and the economy stick can no longer be used. The recovery maybe slow, but its steady and ongoing.
  2. The Kashmir non-issue. Senile Mr. Abdullah tried getting China to help resolve the abrogation of Art 370….. just smacks of entitlement and a hangover of past glory (read ignominy). I saw this FB post by Khalid Baig that sums up the Kashmir situation perfectly – The Last Stand - Farmers Protest 2020
  3. BJP election victories. Whether it is the Panchayat elections in Rajasthan, Goa or the BhagyaNagar (aka Hyderabad) civic polls, BJP has made winning strides that has put the fear of God (even in atheists) into these break-India forces. Rajasthan Panchayat Election Results 2020: BJP wins 1835 panchayat samiti wards, Congress 1718. Goa electionsThe Last Stand - Hyderabad GHMC results

Connect the Dots – Is this The Last Stand ?

The pandemic unfortunately derailed the momentum created by the Delhi Riots 2020 and the Shaheen Bagh standoff purportedly protesting against CAA. The pandemic also broke out in the open, the whole Tablighi Jamaat fiasco and I hope the GoI deals with this anti-India organization severely. Haven’t heard of Maulana Saad Khandalvi’s arrest yet and wonder why not. Then the changes were brought into the FCRA rules making it difficult for foreign funds to flow into India for anti-India activities.

Too many positive changes. The break-India forces quickly regrouped to strategise their next move. The Farm bills provided the perfect cover. Here is a short video that shows the “real” farmer getting into his garb for enacting the role of a protestor ! Source – WhatsApp from a reliable agency.

Farmers Protest 2020 – The Last Stand it is ! Jai Hind.

11 thoughts on “Farmers Protest 2020 – The Last Stand?”

      • I can see your extreme hate to Gandhl’s has blinded you. I am no supporter and I too see how they have spoilt the democratic fabric but you sound so very blinded. The way you defend Demonetization, Farmer’s bill and demonizing other religions….. it is so unbecoming of your education and seeing the world….. The way that Modi-Shah combine is breaking all norms in a fascist’ way….and you being a hardcore apologists for them (your posts show)….. Travelers are said to be inclusive in view …. You belie it so.. I am so very disappointed at your views…..

      • First of all I have no hatred towards the Nehru parivar. My father and grandfather voted them to power – they didn’t grab power. Whether elections are fair or unfair is debatable and am not going there. In the same way Mr.Modi and Amit Shah have won elections and with a massive mandate. Either every voter is a fool or it means they have delivered. And let me also tell you, it’s all the travelling that we have done within India since 2015 that made me a huge fan of Mr. Modi. I was on the fence till then. I was happy that BJP won in 2014 because I was sick and tired of the UPA. Please don’t go by media reports and news channels – they all are biased one way or the other. I have no further comments Roji.

    • She is as entitled to her views as any of the pseudo liberals. Simply because it is not in tune with your thoughts and perceptions does not make her a bigot. Those who preach tolerance ought to display some too.

    • Unfortunately Mr Roji, you are the Bigot here. Where has any religious undertone come up in the blog?
      You belong to that class of people who in their personal hatred for Mpdi have started transferring that hate to people who voted him to power.
      You need medical help. Get well soon. 😊

  1. Well written! Here is my middle finger 🖕 to the arm chair counsellors who have no clue of what the Farm bill says and think any kind of support to government plans is bigotry.


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