Pudina Rice

Krishnan and I made a list of rice varieties that we make which are a meal in themselves and are usually eaten for lunch. We came up with a quick list of 15 varieties and here they are – BisiBele Baath, Coconut rice, Biriyani, Pulao, Pudina Rice, Tawa Pulao, Puliyodharai (Tamarind Rice), Kadamba Saatham (very different from Sambar rice), Moplah Ghee Rice, Lemon Rice, Brinji, Curd Rice (only for true-blue Tamilians :):)), Jimikand Rice (I make this frequently but not sure if its made regularly by many people), Mango Rice (Seasonal. Also known as Chitrannam) and Tomato Rice.

I make most of these rice varieties regularly. My personal favourites are Puliyodharai, Pudina Rice, Biriyani and Jimikand Rice. I never eat curd rice unless that’s the only thing between me and starvation. I am not a huge fan of Sambar, so Bisi Bele Baath and Kadamba Saatham that are cousins of Sambar rice don’t make it to my list of favourites. I made Pudina Rice a couple of days back. I made it the OPOS way, but the recipe is from Hebbar’s kitchen.

Hebbar’s Kitchen Pudina Rice/Mint Rice recipe

I changed the following things in the Hebbar’s Kitchen recipe. I used Basmati Rice. Also made a paste of the following – Pudina (Mint) leaves 70 gms, 1 TBSP of OPOS ginger-garlic paste, 1/2 Onion, 3 green chillies. Used diced carrots and sweet potato instead of potato. The layering I did was similar to OPOS Biriyani.

Pudina Rice

We ate it with Tomato Pachadi, south Indian style raita. :). If you like the fragrance of Pudina then this rice is easy to make and tastes awesome. Some people don’t like Pudina at all, like Amma, but she still ate some because she liked it.

Enjoy !

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