Psychosomatic relief !

Yesterday, Krishnan and I went to a neighbourhood grocery store and bought four different sprays/gels/creams for pain relief 🙁 …. Probably the first time we have bought so much of pain relief.

For the past two weeks, I have had knee pain and while Kirti told me this is a sign of ageing, I don’t believe that. Krishnan’s lower back has been giving him some discomfort and some of it is due to the disc rupture and sciatica he sustained in 2010. The doc told me I have to lose weight (I know) and gave me a tablet to get lubrication into my knees !!! Krishnan has his set of exercises to strengthen his back.

All of the above are physical symptoms and physical reasons… I believe a lot of it is also psychosomatic and so does Louise Hay. I have written about Louise Hay earlier too and I strongly recommend her book “you can heal your life”. She knows what she is talking about – she has cured herself of cancer without chemo or any kind of medication. She says all sorts of pain, weight gain, even accidents occur because of our thought patterns and how you think of yourself. We attract everything into our lives by thinking about them. The universe/God/energy field/nature just responds 🙂 this is the message Buddha had “You are what you think”, this is what Jesus said, Osho said, Krishna said and every book worth it’s salt has said. The funniest thing is, I know it but still fell into this trap of being stubborn and having knee pain.

Here is the psychosomatic reason for my knee pain.

Knee problems – inability to bend. Inflexibility. Won’t give in besides ego and pride. – while I may not have a super sized ego, I have certainly been inflexible about the move to Blore and my dislike for the traffic, missing out on my exercise etc etc.

So am working on my affirmations to relieve myself of this pain and sharing this with many of you because we all need to understand the underlying psychological reasons for the aches, pains and accidents in our life. It helps us overcome these without popping pills and in general helps us stay healthy.

There are no limits to what we can do at any time except the limits we impose on ourselves !!

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