Coincidences – 2

I find coincidences fascinating and I have written about them earlier in my blog.. Infact it’s almost the same time last year.


Today I was flipping through the list of countries that Krishnan and I want to visit. This list was made 709 days back on the 16th of Sept (thank technology and Steve Jobs, not my memory). The coincidence is I had written Brazil, China and Hongkong one after the other and I ended up visiting them in the same order this year !!


Ofcourse I find coincidences almost everyday, maybe because I find them fascinating. The other one that I discovered yesterday was, the huge life size poster of Osho that I have in our living room in Gurgaon is photo number 16 on the Oshoworld website ! And 16 is Krishnan’s birthdate. Well, it could have been any other number.

Dad passed away on Dec 11th technically (11.50 pm) and Dec 11th is Osho’s birthday. Love that coincidence.

As I am about to read James Redfield’s “12th Insight” … Maybe these coincidences are coming up more and more. Synchronicity James ??

P.s recommended reading – Celestine Prophecy and The 10th insight

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