India – Pharmacy Of The World

The Covid-19 pandemic catapulted India into the world stage especially with respect to vaccines and generics. We not only delivered on the World’s largest vaccination program, we also supplied the Covid vaccine to nearly 100 countries. Do read my blogpost from last year – 2 Billion Vaccination Doses !!!. India has truly become the pharmacy of the world.

The US Pharma Lobby

Pfizer and Moderna should have made billions of dollars if not trillions during the pandemic…. if only India hadn’t stepped in. All their well laid plans failed. Now with side effects that run into more pages than the Covid deaths, Pfizer is (hopefully) staring down a dark hole. Do listen to this short clip on the Pfizer Documents from the talk that Naomi Watts gave on the subject –

Now imagine if India was not in the game and we didn’t have PM Modi leading us during this dark phase. It’s a nightmare. Now you can understand why so many media houses, ex-President Obama and other beneficiaries of the old world order want a regime change in India. 🤬

Modiji took away their billions by making India the world’s pharmacy !

Do check out the following infographics to understand the tremendous progress India has made in the healthcare space.

India Pharmacy to the world, Ayushman Bharat

Ayushman Bharat and the Janaushadhi Kendras have been game changers for the middle class and the poor. The Janaushadhi Kendras sell low cost generics – yet another blow to the expensive medicines that the Pharma giants were selling. I still remember, Krishnan was prescribed a Pfizer medicine when he underwent the microdistectomy procedure in 2014. Each tablet cost Rs. 745/-…. but the same formulation cost just Rs. 90/- per tablet when it was produced by Torrent Pharmaceuticals, an Indian Pharma company.

India Pharmacy to the world, infographic

Do read every block in the above infographic – 2nd highest FDA approved manufacturing plants, Largest supplier of low cost generics and vaccines, Exported pharmaceuticals worth over USD 25 billion in 2022.

It feels good to see India becoming the World’s pharmacy.

I just hope that soon, the world turns to Ayurveda, a 5000 year old medical system that resolves any health issue and doesn’t just work on the symptoms. The statue of Maharishi Sushruta, the father of surgery, is displayed at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Melbourne and hopefully will be on display in every hospital in India soon.

Stay healthy, stay well folks !

2 thoughts on “India – Pharmacy Of The World”

  1. Bindu and Krishnan,
    We shall see how this all plays out. Although Western-trained doctors like Depak Chopra have familiarized Occidentals with general concepts of Ayurvedic medicine, I hope that the Orient will hold on to its traditional appreciation for the body’s intrinsic ability to self regenerate, like Tai chi, qi jong, or acupuncture in China.

    There is medical wisdom that cannot be patented, packaged, or sold in bulk. I hope for a cooperative blend of Eastern and Western concepts, for the betterment of all life on Earth.


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