Parental indulgence and it’s serious consequences…

Couple of days back I was watching on television an episode of a Tamil language reality program named ‘Neeya Naana’. The program focuses on socially relevant issues through debate and dialogue with impacted people and domain experts coming in to share their perspectives. 

In this particular episode, the topic was on the youngsters riding the latest and best bikes and what their patents felt about this.

Initially I was happy to see that the youngsters of today are able to pursue hobbies of their choice, riding the latest and best bikes and were not as thrifty as the earlier generations. Soon the discussion shifted to their studies, career plans and what their parents had to do in order to get the youngsters their fancy bikes. My happiness turned into horror.

Most of the youngsters are still students studying in college but have got all the wrong associations, and unhealthy habits. Drinking, smoking, drugs, racing without safety gear, stunts at nights on highways, staying out for days together, missing classes, failing in one or more papers and what have you. A few of them shared heart rending stories about having lost their friends in accidents due to dangerous driving. While a spirit of adventurism is okay, risking and playing with others lives is not. Most of these students did not display any maturity or responsibility or even remorse for their actions. 

When it was the turn of their parents to speak and share their views and experiences, I expected them to call a spade a spade. But that never happened. I was even more horrified to see parent after parent justifying, and even encouraging the actions of their sons with unacceptable excuses. The most frequent excuse being “he’s the only child”, so we had to do it. Most of the families on the show were from lower middle class to middle class backgrounds and what shocked me was that many of the parents had sold or pawned their hard earned assets to get these boys their expensive bikes. Except a few parents and their sons, most were celebrating their pride possessions. 

I never knew that parental indulgence would go to this extreme that you unknowingly destroy the very future that you want to create for your child. Completely spoilt children. Seeds of this have been sown right from an early age when we pamper them so that we get to focus on our priorities. 

I shudder to think about the society that we are creating through this parental over indulgence! And the consequences for all of us….. 

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