We – the number crunchers

No single city dweller should doubt their number crunching abilities …. We measure everything. Just watch – a baby is born, baby is weighed, exact time is noted, every birthday is celebrated, one more expensive than the other ! School time means more calculations – number of suitable schools, number of interview questions, healthy bank balance, atleast two cars…

Just watch yourself, you wake up to an alarm, read your blackberry messages, measure toothpaste, measure tea cups, water, tea leaves, then the heaped/unheaped spoon of sugar – no the debate on the merits/demerits of sugar vs equal vs Splenda vs stevia vs honey vs organic honey vs jaggery vs sulphur less sugar vs vs vs vs…

Big question of exercise – count the reps, count the rounds, count the calories burnt, weigh yourself everyday, get depressed, get euphoric when the scale shows a milligram of weight loss, measure, measure, and more measurement !

Then measure your breakfast – protein, carbs, vitamin pills, juice from a box vs pesticide laden fresh fruit vs diet options, Kellogg’s wheat flakes 2 cups twice daily ( you will die of boredom !!!) etc etc

Office ? Measure your tone, smile 5 times, targets, graphs, appraisals, bad bonus, investment proofs – ok I give up.

Now do you get it ? The simple life that nature gifted us with we just complicated it so much with our so called intelligence…. Just live – free of measurement !! In abundance 🙂

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