Bird Watching !!

During the lockdown, we have seen several birds during our walks. While we don’t indulge in bird watching, its still a pleasure to identify some birds. The peacocks were the first to walk around in the lawns and gardens as soon as human beings got locked up in their houses :). The pigeons continue to come in droves to the balconies. The parakeet (parrots) also drum up a cacophony.

Surprisingly two of them came to our balcony as well, drank some water and generally chit chatted amongst themselves and left. Mom tried giving them a biscuit, but they didn’t take it.

birds - parrots

We caught a long legged beauty in the lawns of blocks C and D in our condo complex. I didn’t know its name so looked up Wikipedia. My guess – it resembles a Red Wattled Lapwing.

birds - Lapwing

I also caught a Myna using a chimney exhaust as a temporary nest ! Birds are smart and adapt to changes in their environment so well. Important lesson for us human beings, I guess.

Birds - Myna

Then the other day I found another Myna look-alike, sitting on the windshield wiper of a car. Wikipedia to the rescue – I think this is the Oriental Magpie Robin.

birds - oriental magpie robin

A week back, we had a set of three kites that kept flying over our block. One of the kites perched down for nearly half hour on a balcony. A smart crow tried to have a conversation with it but couldn’t get it going I guess :).

birds - kite

My friend Ravindra sent a series of pictures from his drive to Syedpally near Hyderabad. One of them was of a peacock that sat on a low branch of a beautiful tree. Just seeing nature in its full glory is so soul satisfying !

Birds - Peacock
Picture Credits – Ravindra

As I collated all these pictures, I realised that we seem to have a lot of birds in Gurgaon !

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