Lockdown Food #5 – Ribbon Pakoda


Confession : I like savoury snacks but I don’t like frying anything at home. I don’t let Amma make Poori or any fried snack at all and I never make them myself.

After many many YEARS, we made ribbon pakoda at home today. A few days back, my sister-in-law had sent me pictures of ribbon pakoda that she made at home and since then Amma and Krishnan have been insisting that we should also make them. Because of the lockdown, we aren’t able to get our regular snacks from the South Indian store inside Powergrid apartments. They have just started delivering other groceries but they haven’t been getting the snacks from their suppliers.

We ran out of all the snacks at home about three weeks back. Even if the lockdown is eased a bit after May 3rd, its unlikely that everything will be back to normal anytime soon. So reluctantly I agreed to making the ribbon pakoda at home.

The recipe is fairly simple – equal portions of rice flour and besan, salt and red chilly powder to taste. You can add garlic paste after straining it or sesame seeds. We just made it without either. Mix all the ingredients together using water and the consistency of the dough should be firm and pliable but not watery. It has to be extruded using a snack maker. So add water slowly. Using the snack maker, just extrude the ribbon pakoda directly into the oil and fry them till they turn slightly golden brown and are crisp. Its really easy to make and tastes good. Now, I will ensure that I ration this out for a month :):).


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