Lakshmi is a girl too

As the Diwali festivities die down and the last of the crackers are burst I want families in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Delhi and Rajasthan to think of the time they aborted the female foetuses of their daughters or daughters in law !! Last week Krishnan shared with me an article on Miss India Pooja Chopra and how her mother had to raise her and her sister single handedly because their father re-married and threw Pooja Chopra’s mom out of the house for not aborting the second girl child. This is an “educated” man in the Air Force … Wonder how he deals with women pilots??

A month back we had watched this beautiful movie “Jalpari” and were shocked to know that a few kilometres from Gurgaon was a village full of little boys but no little girls … And then over the next two weeks we discovered the horrific tales in our families where uncles and cousins had ensured female foetuses were aborted. We have decided not to allow one uncle to ever step foot into our house … His wish for having a son never fulfilled but my aunt nearly died. I wish he could be tried in a court and left to languish in a windowless jail 🙁

Can these men and their mothers think for a minute that without a girl child, their famed lineage would die ? The boy can only carry their name but will need someone else to have a girl child to further their good-for-nothing “vansh”. Every man and every mother who doesn’t want a girl child prays for Lakshmi to step into their houses on Diwali and never leave …. And every time Lakshmi tries to do that, they abort her ! No wonder, Lakshmi wants nothing to do with them … Millions of Lakshmi’s have been killed and we continue to pray to her on Diwali – and call it a celebration.

We have never celebrated Diwali or any other festival because there is more pomp and show than true celebration – either each day of living is celebrated or else these token celebrations during festivals are useless. As people go around distributing sweets and goodies in Delhi can they pause and reflect on what they are celebrating ? They are really trying to celebrate a girl called Lakshmi, and can you hear her gasping for breath and wanting to be born ? Also if your wish is granted … Think whose breast you will suckle at, or whose sari folds will you hide in and who will take your side as you slap your wife ?? And who will you create your son with .. A test tube ? Or a monkey (next gen HIV) !! Disgusting.

Let Lakshmi be born …

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