Gift of change

There will be several instances when you move from one team to another, from one organization to another, from one party to another … How do you let go with grace and dignity ? Especially when you have spent a lot of time with a group of people?

I am in that situation right now as I move from a team that I have spent nine years with to another team within the same organization. All the handover and formalities are easy, it’s the emotional farewells that are difficult. So many people that one has recruited, so many people that have been helped over a career hump, so many people that liked you and you liked them, so many people that didn’t quite like you and so many memories of meetings, incidents, marriage, births and deaths.

The most difficult phase is the last few weeks, when you aren’t responsible for anything but are part of all the important meetings. Some of my learnings –

1. Continue to provide your input in all the meetings – they are valuable inputs, but don’t get upset if they aren’t accepted or even considered.
2. Don’t expect to be included in all conversations – the change is difficult, but go with the flow, remind yourself that another team is waiting to include you in their conversations
3. Meetings will start without you and there will be minimal eye contact during the discussions – move on, you made a choice, live with the consequences of the choice and no one is being offensive, it’s just business
4. Underplay the change with the majority of the extended team, there is a lot of change they are anyway subjected to, and your successor has to settle in
5. Everyone values you, but there is only so much time – it will go to the people who matter still in the current scheme of things – not you !
6. The relationships continue long after you have moved on – ensure the connect remains strong and remain invested in the relationships.

Every change brings the gift of widening perspectives and newer experiences, so say thank you and accept the change. I love all change – they all turn out for the good always. After all life is about lessons, some easy, some difficult, some you score high in and some you fail – the only constant is the rich learning.

Waiting to see what gifts this change brings with it.

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