Inured to death and devastation

Yesterday all the news channels had news about the boat capsizing in the North East and 103 people dead. Just a couple of weeks back approximately 130 Pakistani soldiers were buried under an avalanche in the Siachen glacier, the world’s highest battleground. Before I started to write this blog, I checked online to see if there were any survivors from the avalanche and didn’t find any article on the topic after April 7th…. The multitude of news channels also brought that news and it remained as news for a couple of days. 130 soldiers dead just because two countries don’t trust each other.. for those who lost their brother, father, husband or friend, it is a life lost in vain – that brother, father, husband or friend would have been alive if only as civilized nations, India and Pakistan had decided not to fight in the glacier !!!

Now this tragedy of the boat capsizing will be off the news today since some other more interesting tragedy would occur.

Does anyone remember that Pakistan faced devastating floods two years in a row? Last year 4.6 Million people were affected and in 2010 almost 20 Million people were displaced ….. or do you remember the carnage that the Government wrought on SriLankan Tamils or what has been happening in Burma or the students being run over by tanks in China ??

We are completely inured to death and devastation because it has become so common – but we still don’t get the lesson in all this 🙁 we continue to damage nature and continue to feed our greed (money, food, clothes, buildings, jewelry whatever).

Today we watch the statistics, one day we will be the statistic ! Grim forecast? You bet.

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