Back to School

I came to this city on Aug 17, 1987 to start my second year of graduation and 25 years later I am back in this city now to start my Executive MBA. There is something about Hyderabad and my education !! 25 years back this place was a jungle and today it is the beautiful campus of the Indian School of Business.

What am amazing start too – the NCR gang got so engrossed in talking about Math, Financial Accounting etc that we nearly missed our flight yesterday and then turbulence on the way, with ofcourse a smooth landing. Much the way our course has started 🙂

We all met for a quick round of introductions at the “concrete-pool” in semi darkness, rather symbolic of how many of us felt… Surely, there is light at the end of the passage and a bright tomorrow 🙂

Now to get through the damned indirect method of cash flows !!



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