Salute the original Pedalyatri

Today’s ride was on the newly refurbished Gurgaon Faridabad road and it is a dream road to ride on – hardly a single pothole and its wide enough for us cyclists to be safe. Also it has two interesting climbs, one at Gwal Pahadi and the other on the way back after Valley View besides of course our favorite Ghata climb 🙂

On the way back today I was not so sure if I could do the climb after Valley View because it had already become warm even though it was only 7.10 am or so. Krishnan as always went ahead and I told him, just wait in between once and I will hopefully do the slow crawl at my existential speed and climb ! An original pedalyatri crossed us just before the climb and then when Krishnan overtook him easily he got worried… he looked back more often than Krishnan to make sure that I was nowhere close to overtaking him. I was far away, but the most interesting thing is – he climbed the entire way in his gear less old cycle just to make sure I don’t overtake him. He gave me no chance to explain that I will probably never overtake him  except on the way down 🙂

We all ride the latest bikes with all the nice accessories for the bike and us – but we need to hand it to the original pedalyatris of India who ride in discomfort and ride nearly 60 to 150 Kms everyday for their livelihood. The cycle is their only means of transport … just imagine getting them onto our fancy bikes !!

Just wish we get a Govt that is interested in sports besides cricket and we may have a few champions on our hands.

I know no one is listening, but you keep saying the same thing over and over again and then some more people keep saying it over and over again and someday we will have an original Pedalyatri of India pedaling away at the Tour De France or RAAM and setting new records. That day too shall come and soon 🙂

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  1. Absolutely Bindu. Could not agree with you more … there is so much talent out there simply waiting for an avenue.


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