International Tiger Day

This time the International Tiger Day is special for India because the news is good on the conservation story. For long it was only sad news about how their population was dwindling. India 2018 tiger census sets a new guinness world record. The 2018 tiger census was considered to be most comprehensive in terms of data collected.

Excerpt from the tiger census article – “In total, the camera traps captured 34,858,623 photographs of wildlife (76,651 of which were tigers and 51,777 were leopards; the remainder were other native fauna). From these photographs, 2,461 individual tigers (excluding cubs) were identified using stripe-pattern-recognition software.”

Here’s a news article that details the good work done by India – International Tiger Day 2020 – Significance and the India Story.

A couple of excerpts from the above article –

To think that there were 100,000 tigers just 100 years back and now we are celebrating that their numbers have doubled from 1600 to 2900+ is the dark lining to the silver cloud of conservation. I hope better sense prevails in human beings and these magnificent big cats get to roam their territory in big numbers once again.

We visited Corbett National park in April 2011. Here are some pictures from that visit. We could only see the pug marks of a tiger. We caught a glimpse of another one moving behind tall grass … Hoping to visit the Bandhavgarh National park where we are told its easier to see the tigers.

The guide at the Corbett National park told us that we just missed the tiger on both the days that we went into the park. The same thing happened when we visited the Sariska forest reserve. 🙂 Am just glad to know that the tiger population is increasing. Eventually the elusive big cat will show itself in some game reserve.

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