Rafale Jets arrive at Ambala

To say am thrilled to see the Rafale jets entering the Indian air space and landing at Ambala would be an understatement. I actually was very emotional for some reason when I heard the exchange between the Rafale pilot and the Naval warship. 

Here’s a photo story ….

In Oct, I clicked this picture on our television. This is Mr. Rajnath Singh doing the shastra puja for the Rafale in France. 

I clicked this picture when the Rafale jets entered the Indian airspace today, a few minutes before landing at the Ambala AirForce station. 


Someone had shared this Amul poster, which was just right –

Amul - Rafale

There is a lot of excitement on social media and the news channels. Several experts shared their opinion on this addition to the Air Force.

I have been in awe of fighter jets ever since dad was posted at the Dindigul Air Force station. Seeing them take off is a sight that you never forget. At that time, women weren’t inducted into the AirForce as fighter jet pilots so I didn’t even apply. Last year I read the news of Bhawana Kanth becoming the 1st Indian woman fighter jet pilot with a lot of pride and happiness.

Bhawana Kanth becomes 1st fighter pilot to qualify to undertake combat missions 

Hope she gets to fly the Rafale sometime.

Remembering our earlier Defense Minister, the late Manohar Parikkar, who brought the Rafale deal to fruition…. A Truly Great Man – leaves too soon 🙁.

Indian Air Force – Touch the Skies with Glory !!! Jai Hind.

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