International Tiger Day 2021

July 29 each year is celebrated as the International Tiger Day. I figured this out last year during the lockdown – International Tiger Day. The good news continues as our national animal’s population has been steadily increasing. Praying for the trend to continue. 🙏🏾

Here are the statistics –

Tiger Day - July 29
For the past few weeks, I have been following Mr. Chandrashekar K, the founder member and MD of Travel Unbounded on LinkedIn. I took screenshots of three pictures that he has shot of Tigers at different reserves. These are some of the best photographs I have come across of the tiger in the wild.

Aren’t they absolutely stunning ? And isn’t the Tiger majestic ?

Save The Tiger !

We have never spotted a tiger in the wild … have only seen them in a zoo. After our Botswana trip in 2011, Krishnan and I can’t bring ourselves to step into a zoo. Animals have to be free and wild – its their right. Humans need to make the space for them. Its a terrible thing that we made zoos and put wild animals on show ! But then we have human zoos as well 😢. Totally despicable.

Wildlife Conservation – an imperative

Wildlife conservation is an important part of sustainable living. If we lose the diverse wildlife, soon life as we know on Earth will be gone !

Every July 28th we celebrate World Nature Conservation Day and every July 29th its the International Tiger Day but what do we do for the rest of the 363 days ? Wildfires have killed millions of wild animals in Australia and and an unbelievably hot summer in Canada has killed millions of sea animals and yet global warming is not top priority for world leaders.

We need to realise that we live in a connected world and every living species affects other species and their survival. When the Earth warms up, we will all be cooked evenly … Nature is a great leveller and totally fair in the way she treats everything.

#SaveTheTiger #WildlifeConservation #ClimateChangeIsReal

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