A Demolition & A Burning

Aug 28, 2022 …Demolition

There was a lot of apprehension in Noida regarding the twin tower demolition. Several thousands had been evacuated, amongst them a dear friend whose house is just 100 metres from the Supertech Twin Towers.

3,700 kgs of explosives were used to bring down the Supertech twin towers after a nine year legal battle. They were built in complete violation of construction laws. Mumbai based Edifice Engineering executed the demolition using a method called “controlled implosion”. The Western world has seen several such demolitions as they brought down sky scrapers.

In India this was probably the first time such a massive structure was being brought down and that too within seconds. The whole thing was gone in 12 seconds !!!! No damage to nearby buildings and the whole execution was flawless. Much to the relief of those who lived nearby.

Sharing a video that my friend Mano had posted on our Whatsapp group.

A Burning

She was just 17. Her neighbour Shahrukh Hussain had been harassing her and stalking her for nearly 5 years. Finally he poured petrol over her and set her ablaze. Ankita died with 90% burns. Sadly for Shahrukh Hussain, she left behind a dying video –

Demolition and Burning Ankita Kumari

This is not new … Love Jihad is real and its a tool used by Muslim youth to ensnare young Hindu and Christian girls. They act as though they are truly in love and when things go too far, the girls are forced to convert to Islam. In some instances when the girl resists, she is killed mercilessly.

Listen to this chilling video where Sudipto Sen says nearly 30,000 girls in Kerala have been forcibly converted using Love Jihad. These are official statistics, not the figment of someone’s imagination.

Also see this smug bastard Shahrukh Hussain who burnt Ankita smiling as he learns that she has died.

Demolition and Burning Ankita Kumari

Hope everyone also noticed that Shahrukh Hussain is now Abhishek courtesy his friends in India Today.

Again this is no different than all the earlier instances where Muslim youth who indulge in heinous crimes got a Hindu name, all in the name of maintaining social order in “secular” India. Its a one way street. The forever-sick and vile Ravish Kumar of NDTV had changed the name of Shahrukh Pathan, the young Muslim man who pointed a pistol at a Delhi Police official, to Anurag Mishra. Add Brahmin hatred to the mix ! Helps get brownie points, right?.

India is a pseudo secular country. Our idea of secularism will ensure that the inherently secular Hindus are wiped off the face of this Earth. And that’s why every “developed” country and Islam is so interested in India.

Hindus are easy to fool and courtesy the years of living upto the wrong interpretation of Ahimsa, we are sitting ducks. We have forgotten what Krishna said to Arjuna on the battlefield- fight to establish Dharma, raise your voice and arms against Adharma. Yet we sit on our haunches in the newly built toilets and shit bricks of “secular” mumbo jumbo 🤬.

I would like to see Shahrukh Hussain and his co-conspirator Naeem Khan being given the capital punishment (the same treatment like Ankita) because this does fall under the rarest of rare case. Enough of debates and discussions. The punishment must be a deterrent, otherwise its a placebo.

Its very important that the courts deliver justice to all such cases of heinous crime irrespective of the faith of the perpetrators. Something that hasn’t been the case so far…

Waiting to see how this case unfolds and praying that justice is delivered swiftly and effectively.

BLOT – Hindu Lives Don’t Matter 😔😔

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  1. So sad about human inhumanity, in which suffering is created intentionally. In nature, suffering surely exists, but the intent in inflicting pain seems secondary to survival. Not so with humanity, in whom consciousness tempts people to inflict pain for pleasure.


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