India under attack – How the Ecosystem works …

India’s 72nd Republic Day

Today started as a great day because it was Republic Day and the Republic Day parade was beyond outstanding. I couldn’t stop myself from tearing up as I saw the first woman fighter pilot Flight Lieutenant Bhawana Kanth on the IAF tableau. I felt like it was my daughter fulfilling my dream. Am tearing up even as I write this … Ever since dad got posted to AFA Dindigul, and I saw a MIG take off, I wanted to be in one. I thought it won’t happen in this lifetime, but Bhawana made up for it.

Before the IAF tableau, T90 Bhishma rolled down the Rajpath ! Just the name Bhishma evokes such respect and immediately denotes military and moral valour. For me the finale with the Brahmastra formation using the Rafale was just out of this world. Watching Group Captain Harkirat Singh flying the Rafale felt like he was teaching the aircraft a few tricks !!

Our armed forces are India’s Brahmastra. When combined with great weapon systems and great equipment they become lethal and unbeatable.

The Ecosystem

We went for our walk just after the Republic day parade ended, little knowing that the great day was soon to change into a great “rage”. The Middlemen-posing-as-Farmers protest took a violent turn !!! The buildup for this turn of events started happening on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s 125th birthday on Jan 23. There was a round of fake news spread that President Kovind had posted an actor’s picture as Netaji’s portrait on Twitter.

Ecosystem - Bose portrait

Just see how the Ecosystem works …. one of them will post the fake news and immediately everyone in the ecosystem will repost with slight change of words making it viral.

The President’s office had to issue a clarification that it was not the actor but a specially commissioned portrait of Netaji that President Kovind had inaugurated. The renowned painter Paresh Maity is the one who made this portrait.

Ecosystem showing its colours Today

The tractor rally was to follow an agreed path but they rammed into barricades. The speed at which the tractors were being driven was scary … it was meant to cause harm to the police. One of the tractors rammed into the barricade and turned over. The driver died. Look at the fake news peddler Rajdeep Sardesai’s tweet and immediately the ecosystem picks it up to amplify. Member of Parliament, Mr. Shashi Tharoor, no less, retweets with his own spin without confirming if the news is true.

Why shouldn’t these people be booked for sedition/treason/anti-national activities ???

Ecosystem - Rajdeep

Another series of Tweets from the ecosystem, justifying the tricolour being thrown off by the lowlife who climbed a pole to hoist the Khalistani flag. I can’t even bring myself to post that video – it hurts as hell to see anyone desecrate our flag. Countless lives have been lost to keep it flying high and this scoundrel has the audacity to throw it !!!

ecosystem - Tricolour being thrown

More than him, these rabid anti-national politicos and prestitutes trying to justify the act ? Oh, I so wish we were in medieval times and I could just throw that guy from the ramparts of the Red Fort !!!

ecosystem - Shashi Tharoor

Another rabid media personality justifying the Tricolour being thrown …

Ecosystem - Arfa Khanum

Remember this is carefully orchestrated just like the Delhi riots were. It is to ensure that India is shown in a poor light and more importantly Mr. Modi and his government has to be ousted because these commie-liberal cabal’s alternative sources of income have been shut off.

India is under attack – terrorist state Pakistan wants to breakup India, fundamentalist Islam wants to establish the caliphate, Christian missionaries want to convert Hindus en masse, the commies want to derail progress so that we remain poor, the Chinese want to grab all our land and an entitled obscenely rich bunch of anti-nationals want all the money to go to them. The Modi Government stands between these inimical forces and us…. Make no mistake, this ain’t a fairy tale. This is the truth.

Jai Hind. Jai Hind Ki Sena. We shall prevail…. Dharma wins.

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