The Ecosystem Again

A few days back I had written about how the commies-CONgress and other anti-India forces form a strong ecosystem. India under attack – How the Ecosystem works …

Today there is fresh evidence of this ecosystem at work. See the collage of tweets below –

Ecosystem global

This is how they build global opinion against India.

George Soros and the Ecosystem

American billionaire George Soros, with one foot in the grave, is worrying about a Hindu nationalistic government in India … The Corona virus has killed 457,856 Americans and this billionaire is worried about India. Why? Read his interview – George Soros says Modi creating a Hindu nationalist state. Deaths due to the Corona virus in his country of birth Hungary is 12,739. Why doesn’t he care about that ? Think again.

Greta Thunberg is worried about the farmers protest … really ? The best comment on her worries comes from Prof Shamika Ravi.


Anti-India, Anti-Hindu

The anti-India ecosystem is very well entrenched. It will require huge efforts to derail its agenda. Anti-India is also anti-Hindu. This ecosystem does not differentiate between state and religion. It is not secular. Either India has to become a Caliphate or it has to become a Christian country, no middle ground here.

Germany, America and 60+ other nations are Christian countries. UK is a soon-to-be-Islamic country and Belgium has protests happening on its streets to declare it an Islamic country. Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Pakistan and 50 other countries are all Islamic countries. All of them want India to be secular…. how sweet ! Am reminded of the meme doing the rounds “Twahda Kutta Tommy, Sadda Kutta Kutta”.

A strong resurgent India is not what this ecosystem wants. They want us to be snivelling slaves !

Read the great response from MEA for these Twitterati who barfed about the farmers protest –


Got it ?

P.s – I haven’t written about how China too is party to this ecosystem but for very different reasons. Will write that some other time.

All the Anti’s can gang up – we shall prevail. We have prevailed for 10000+ years …. like Thalaivar would say all this is Jujubee :):):). Jai Hind. Jai Hind ki Sena.

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