Happy Birthday

He was the first person I met from my future family … Sat next to him at the MILT alumni meeting when Krishnan won the prize in an Impromptu competition. I had met Krishnan 4 days before that and we had decided just then that we were getting married 🙂

His famed ability to keep secrets, just like me came in handy when Krishnan had to secretly come and meet me before we got married. Also to keep the telephone bills secret from Amma so I wouldn’t be thrown out even before I got into the house !!!

If life has been a series of lessons for him, he has been a stoic student … Someday the lessons had to be fun and they have finally turned that way.

Happy birthday dear Nachi – you will always be special for us, not just because you are Krishnan’s brother but because you are one of the finest human beings we have had the pleasure of knowing. God bless you.

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