Chariots of Sanauli – Beginning of AIT’s end??

This amazing thread by Savitri Mumukshu on Twitter reminded me of the Sanauli archaeological find in 2004-2005. This thread speaks of the more recent find in 2018 of chariots. Do read the fascinating thread – 4000 year old Sanauli Chariots stunned the world.

The discovery of 4000 year old advanced chariots from excavations at Sinauli, UP in 2018 stunned the world. Not only did the dicovery deliver a final blow to the fallacious Aryan Invasion, it also busted many myths about ancient Indian civilization. 
Clearly the civilization that consisted of warriors who used technologically advanced weaponry. Antenna swords with copper-covered hilts and medial ridge were found next to the skeletons. Also found were shields and helmets among which is the world’s oldest copper helmet
Sanauli Helmets
The excavated copper helmet predates any other helmet in the world. The three chariots made of wood and covered with thick copper sheets also indicate a culture that fought many wars. 
What’s exciting is that there are both men and women warriors buried at the site.
This clearly indicates that women warriors have been part of Indian culture for millennia. The shields had two gender-specific designs. Women warrior shields had steatite inlay work and those with copper designs were for men.

Additionally decorative objects such as combs embellished with animal motifs like camel and peacock show that these animals were part of popular Indian culture in the ancient past. Mirrors and golden artifacts attest to the fact that this was a wealthy civilisation.

Sanauli 5
These archaeological excavations clearly indicate that even 4000 years ago, Indians posessed advanced technological knowledge . It will be interesting to find out how the study of objects found at Sinauli will change our perceptions of world history in the future.
Sanauli chariots

Sanauli Chariots and AIT

Hopefully this find will put an end to the fallacious and fabricated Aryan Invasion Theory that was used by all Western “historians” to show that the Vedas and Sanskrit were brought to us by Aryans !!! Do read Carbon Dating Shows UP’s Sanauli Had Chariot-Riding Warriors In 1900 BC, Here’s What It Means For Aryan Invasion Theory

Some jokers will continue to peddle the AIT because it helps them politically. Like the despots of “Dravida” parties in TN and the Christian missionaries who want to convert all Hindus into Christians. The best way to deracinate an entire population is to debunk their culture and religion. Its just unbelievable that the AIT even got accepted as a serious thought !

While you read about the Sanauli chariots, please also take time to listen to Nilesh Oak speaking on 17000 + years of unbroken Indian civilisation. Krishnan and I had the privilege of listening to this talk in person. Strange coincidence that the Chariots in Sanauli were found the same year though we didn’t register the implications then.

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2 thoughts on “Chariots of Sanauli – Beginning of AIT’s end??”

  1. Picture number 3 is from a chinese excavation. You have not acknowledged this,

    There are 2 excavation sites. The first one has 100 plus burials, men and women. Very few swaods there. The second one has 7 biuials with 6 male and 1 female. , swords, arrows and the ox-cart (not chariot). No horse bones This does not lead to the conclusion of “women-warriors”.and “war chariots”.

    Your write-up has mis-leading inofrmation and fake claims.

    • Sir, Thanks for the comment. Could you please share the source links to the correct information according to you ? There are links on the Twitter thread that I have posted here by the author supporting her claim. If something is wrong, I would like to correct it.


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