Eggless Bread Omelette

I have never liked the smell of eggs and we anyway don’t eat eggs at home. Krishnan and I have never eaten an omelette !! Infact if I were to buy an eggless cake from a store, Amma would doubt that too. She eats a small piece of cake if I make it at home because she knows that it doesn’t have eggs.

Eggless Omelette

When I read one of my favourite food blogger’s post about Tomato Omelette | Eggless Vegetarian Omelette Recipe I wanted to try it immediately. I improvised by using a toasted slice of bread in between two layers of the Omelette.

Here’s the recipe that I used – Besan – 1 Cup, Tomatoes – 4 diced and then slightly pureed with a stick blender, Onions – 2 finely chopped, ginger – 1″ piece shredded, Green Chillies – 2 finely chopped, Cabbage – shredded, Roasted Sooji – 1 TBSP, Turmeric – 1 TSP, . Salt to taste.

How to make it

Mix all the ingredients and add a little water to make it into pouring consistency. Toast a few slices of bread and keep them ready. Pour out a ladle of this mix on the tawa like a dosa, add a slice of toasted bread on top and pour another ladle over the bread slice. You can add ghee or butter to the tawa before pouring out the batter.

I covered the tawa with a lid and a minute later turned it over. Cook both sides till it becomes crisp and serve with any chutney after cutting it up into four pieces. We ate it with sweet tamarind chutney.

Eggless Bread Omelette

Have made it several times now. I made it for Gurleen, Harjit and Aafreen – they loved it too. Importantly, Amma loves it too !!

In a way, making this with a slice of bread also satisfies your yearning for bread pakoda. Its tastes really good. So go on, make it right away and enjoy fresh eggless omelette with veggies :).


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