Delightful Ringneck Parrots

Two days back we had two “pretty” visitors who ate a piece of banana, a green chilli and drank some water. There is a family of six Ringneck Parrots that keep flitting across the two towers in our condo complex. They chatter constantly while flying across. Very rarely they visit our balcony and my mother keeps hoping they would.

First one of them came to have some water. I immediately took out a piece of banana and two green chillies and left them next to the water container. Two of them came back and not just drank water but also ate the banana :):).

The Male Ringneck Parrot

We were so mesmerised that you can’t hear any of us speak in the 75 second video below!

This was a Ringneck Parrot couple – the male Parrot has a black collar and the female is without a collar. Very chivalrous male Parrot … he let his wife eat the banana and he took the green chilli. Very sweet.

We have been keeping a piece of banana everyday now, but the Ringneck Parrots haven’t come back. Am sure they will relent and come back again.

Some interesting facts –

  • There are over 350 species of Parrots!
  • Parrots are very social birds …
  • Parrots have thick tongues, so they don’t need lips to approximate human sounds. 
  • Apparently seeds are their favourite food. Maybe I will try and keep some seeds out for them.
  • Most parrots have really long lifespans.

Please don’t keep Parrots or any birds as pets. It just feels sad seeing them in a cage.

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3 thoughts on “Delightful Ringneck Parrots”

  1. Bindu,
    Charming. My first pet was a parakeet. i was six years old. At age 14, I obtained my first state license–to “Breed or Deal in Parakeets.” My sister and I succeeded in fostering two parakeets, but we never sold them. After I graduated from college, moved to New York City and lived in an efficiency apartment, I obtained my last parakeet. Downey–named after my favorite New York restaurant (where I learned about New York cheesecake)–learned to talk, the first of my parakeets who did. I taught him to say “I love you.” He picked up “You’re such a cute little bird” on his own, then his vocabulary expanded considerably.

    My parakeets always had cages, but they got to spend a lot of time loose in the house, too. They liked perching on curtain rods. We eventually moved them outside to a large screened-in porch, since the climate here in Savannah is mild enough for it.

    I still have bird feeders outside, for wild birds as well as hummingbirds, plus a large pan for water and taking baths in the summer.

    Now I have chickens, three old-timers, who are between eight and ten years old, and Tweety Pie, born July 8, so just over 12 weeks old. She is a rascal and has really livened things up around here. The other three seem to have taken her under their wings, so to speak. Like parrots and parakeets, chickens are very social birds; and Tweety (affectionately nicknamed “Handy Underfoot,” because she is a four-appendage commitment) is adapting admirably well to the arrangement. The antics are more entertaining than anything in the movies or television.

    • Wow Katharine. One of my friend’s son-in-law has a pet Parrot. I have never had birds as pets, only dogs. Besides these Ring neck parrots we have a family of crows that come and pick up a biscuit everyday, Mynahs, Sparrows etc as well. It’s wonderful to see the birds really. They liven up the day. 😊


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