Coconut Cutlets !

I started out thinking I will make Coconut Rice for the first meal of the day since we had a lot of leftover rice and fresh coconuts got delivered in the morning. Since the weekly vegetable delivery was expected I decided to make a little extra so that I could give some to the farmer.

Everything went as per plan – I roasted a TBSP each of Urad Dal and Channa Dal, a couple of Red Chilli Pieces, Some Curry leaves and peanuts in Ghee. Added the freshly shredded coconut and roasted it till it was a little reddish brown. When I added the leftover rice, I saw that it was sticky despite being in the fridge for a whole day. This is hand pounded rice, so usually doesn’t get sticky but maybe I didn’t filter out the excess water :(.

The dreaded gooey mess happened 😔.

Coconut Rice Gooey
Everything stuck to everything :(:(

I was about to lose it totally because all of us were feeling a little hungry and I didn’t want to serve this gooey Coconut rice ! Suddenly I had an idea. I took out the mixie jar and ground up a small portion of this gooey coconut rice, patted them into cutlets and just toasted them on a Tawa.

Coconut Rice Gooey
Gooey rice becomes cutlet dough !

Voila ! Coconut Cutlets

Coconut Cutlet
Coconut Rice Cutlet !!

Krishnan and Amma loved the taste of this cutlet. Just a single piece was leftover from this experiment and I shared that with the farmer ! Am sure everyone has done this to leftover rice, but I was just kicked about how tasty this turned out to be.

Guess its the same way with life. Something appears to be challenging, but all it needs is a makeover and suddenly, its a better situation than before.

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