Global Warming ?

I am writing this blog without wearing a sweater ! Its actually a pleasant 24°C on Dec 7 in Gurgaon. Last year winters had started the same way but later we had to get a heater for Amma as the cold weather got severe. Not sure if this year winters will be just pleasant, not cold at all or it will be a repeat of last year.

The morning today was foggy but with the pollution being what it is, am not even sure if this is the regular fog or smog.

Global Warming
Foggy morning … not cold just foggy

Delhi NCR not being cold in the winters feels really strange. All the reversals in pollution that had happened from March till September seems to be a thing of the past. We were hoping that the winters will come early and be really cold. We had to go out to get a stamp made yesterday and there was a traffic jam on a Sunday ! I was truly surprised. Today we went back to the same shop to collect the stamps and thankfully it was less traffic.

Sometimes it feels as though the virus is gone when you see traffic back to normal levels, and people going about their lives as they always do. But the pandemic is yet to run its course. The number of cases in our condo complex have shot through the roof since Oct. All the cases are because of people travelling out or the parties they had with a number of visitors during the festival days.

Anyway, back to my question of whether this warm winter is because of global warming ? I heard there is a Sun Storm that might have some impact in the next week, but Sun Storms keep happening. Can’t fathom what is affecting the weather so drastically. Krishnan and I look forward to the Winters because its the best time to be in Delhi. We like cold weather, but this year seems to be a let down. Hoping it atleast stays pleasant and doesn’t get really warm.

My spirits were lifted a bit when my friend Ravindra sent a picture from his village Rajeshwar on our school WhatsApp group.

Global Warming
A beautiful Sunset at Rajeshwar

Pictures like the ones above give hope that all of Earth can heal even after we have pushed Mother Nature to the brink. Global warming though is real …. Read my post – Climate change .. from last December and another one from June 2019 – Climate Change? No just Mother Nature having fun !!


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