Celebrate our second Independence Day

On May 16, 1996 – Atal Bihari Vajpayee took oath as the 10th Prime Minister of India and just for 13 days … Again in 1998, BJP couldn’t prove it’s majority courtesy Jayalalitha and lost the vote of confidence by one vote. Ofcourse Mr. Vajpayee led a successful NDA government from 1999 to 2004.

Today, NaMo has delivered the greatest ever victory for the BJP, but more importantly, he has brought us our second Independence Day. The atmosphere is exactly like it was when the Britishers were leaving India…. Relief, hope and national fervour. Relief that now we don’t have an indecisive PM, relief that the family would not foist the twit on us, relief that money would not be siphoned off, relief that we can dream finally !

There is hope that the flagging economy will be resurgent again, hope that there will be jobs, hope that we won’t be listening to pseudo intellectuals and crass politicians talk about secularism while dividing us, how that India would be a strong country, hope that the tax we pay will get us good roads and public conveniences, hope that we will have a PM we can be proud of, hope that good days are ahead :):)

The best thing that NaMo has done is bring back the national fervour, you hear him speak and you really feel like doing something for the country, not just be a cynic. The national fervour he evokes makes you want to take responsibility for what’s happening in the country and not just complain conveniently. The outgoing silent ineffective PM and the puppeteer Sonia made us all disengaged and demoralised. For once I kept hearing the refrain “nothing will happen here, nothing will change”. That was the worst outcome of the 10 years of puppet regime 🙁 and thanks to NaMo the fervour is back, the zing is back ! Yes, Anna Hazare managed to galvanise the youth temporarily but just temporarily.

It great to celebrate this unprecedented victory, but now begins work. And we the citizens cannot stand and watch, we need to remain vigilant and we need to remain involved. One man had managed to raise us from slumber, and give us hope .. But now put your shoulder to the wheels and move the nation forward. NaMo can’t do everything and we need to help, question, suggest, stay involved ….. We didn’t do that the last time around. We pinned our hopes on Pandit Nehru and hoped he would take care of us, he did to the best of his ability, but we as citizens got lazy.

Wake up and make India the great country it deserves to be. Ek Bharath, shreshtha Bharath, Desh Pehle always. Country first, always. Jai Hind.

4 thoughts on “Celebrate our second Independence Day”

  1. Do you seriously think of today as the second independence day for India? Independence from whom? The muslims are even more oppressive now…the Christians are kidnapping your children and poor, and Modi just said to all of us victims that we will have to walk together. We cannot separate any of our peoples there fore no justice for victims of violence….ha ha ha……india is a funny country and Indians are “intelligent” Independence from whom?

    Maybe Americans right? Or the Chinese who are now converting the indian race into flat faced flat nosed Chinese. Look at TV ads …they show Chinese women. Look at the Election Commissionr he is Chinese and his name is Brahma. Just like they hijacked Gautam Buddh and made him to be Chinese, soon Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv are going to look Chinese with a dragon behind them. Ha ha ha….India is a funny country. Mcdonalds, KFC, Dominos, Coke, Pepsi, Sprite etc…..is just food right>? Wrong. It is dependence on western values throwing everything indian out the door…It is just the beginning…then western clothes and western values….ha ha ha….I just heard someone say on Television today, about Modi, that he cannot live with his mother when he is 60. I thought we were Indians with our own culture and values. When did Indians become so western that a mother and son stopped living together? Shame. And funny.

  2. Fully Agree : NaMo can’t do everything and we need to help, question, suggest, stay involved.

    Hoping Modi will never sell The Nation like the opponents who are capable of doing it.

    He has a clear Majority and a free hand now : Positive vibes and Hope


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