True quality shines through

Just started watching the NDTV exit poll predictions and Prannoy Roy set the stage. It’s such a sheer pleasure to watch Prannoy Roy speak and conduct the discussion. No shouting, no butting in, no strong personal opinions forced down your throat and still riveting.

Yes we all know he is related through marriage to Mr. Karat and his bosses are rumoured to be the First family … But Prannoy Roy still smells of respectability and old world journalistic charm. He doesn’t have to scream the loudest, but you want to hear what he says. The whole world of election analysis and the word “psephologist” were introduced to many Indians by Prannoy Roy and his name alone made NDTV every TV-household name.

I cannot stand the loud Bark-ha and stopped watching her programs a long time ago. I stop every time Vikram Chandra is on the screen and Prannoy Roy remains a favorite. He never interrupts without excusing himself, never offers his personal opinion and still manages to get an interesting discussion going. Rajdeep, one of NDTV’s alumni has some of Prannoy’s charm… But the one who really needs to go back to Prannoy’s school is Arnab. He may not be gifted with charm, but he can do with some basic journalistic etiquette.

Prannoy Roy is worth a watch. Don’t know his compulsions and whether he is completely non-partisan, but just to see a quality “anchor”, I like watching Prannoy Roy. The saddest part of today’s India is that a top quality journalist like Prannoy Roy may not be truly “free”. 🙁

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  1. Watching ARNAB and his panel shouting hoarse was disgusting and spoiling the entire election analysis


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