Rahatgarh Waterfall

On Nov 11th, we took a trip to Rahatgarh to see the not-so-famous waterfall ! What a tranquil place this is. The Rahatgarh waterfall is on River Bina. It’s about 35 kms from Sagar and the taxi ride takes approximately an hour.

You can spend a whole day here as it’s still being developed as a tourist spot and many people don’t know about it. Pack enough water and snacks as there is nothing available at the waterfall. There is a tea shop and he has some snacks in stock but it’s nothing much.

Rahatgarh Waterfall
The views on the way to the Waterfall
RahatGarh Waterfall
The serene waterfall
Rahatgarh Waterfall
The river Bina flowing

MP Tourism has created walkways with a picket fence, so that tourists can walk around and view the waterfall from different locations. A herd of cows had come for a drink on the opposite bank of the river and at the top of the waterfall.

Rahatgarh Waterfall
Couldn’t miss the opportunity !
Rahatgarh Waterfall
All three of us !

The entire place has large flat rocks and it’s a small gorge in which the river Bina flows.

Rahatgarh Waterfall
The steps have been cut into the large rocks making it easier for tourists to access the viewpoints
Rahatgarh Waterfall
The pathway to the waterfall from the parking spot.

Notes for tourists

  1. Carry sufficient water and snacks. There is just one roadside stall selling tea and some snacks.
  2. During summer months, you will need an umbrella or some way of protecting yourself from the Sun. There are lots of trees but none that offer shade near the waterfall.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes for walking as there are steps and cobblestoned walkways.
  4. There aren’t many people visiting the waterfall, so may not be advisable for solo travellers to be in the area at dusk or late evenings. During the day it seems totally safe.
  5. Didn’t see any toilets. Maybe they are getting built. MP Tourism seems to be making a restaurant with all the facilities here.
Rahatgarh Waterfall
Lots of Teak trees near on the way to the waterfall

Enjoy the tranquil serene Rahatgarh Waterfall –


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