Boss Man or Yes Man or On My own

There are all kinds of people working in organisations.
Basis my own experience, I have attempted to categorise people working in organisations into one of the above categories. While I do agree that the work culture and environment makes one to fall into one of the above categories, I am also aware of people who have consistently belonged to one of these categories to have progressed or have had ups and downs in their career.
Personally I have strongly believed in, and belonged to ‘on my own’ category through out. I have strong convictions, rooted in values basis my upbringing, independent thoughts of the way things could be done in any context. To belong to ‘on my own’ category has inherent or inbuilt risks and the associated risks and rewards. I have had fantastic growth but there have been several periods of stagnation that made me to introspect and reflect on my style of work. I have always stuck to ‘on my own’ style while at work. What does this style mean to me? This means that I as an individual have certain core beliefs, strengths, insights and values on the basis of which I work, deliver, review and progress in my career. Definitely not part of this style is saying ‘Yes to my Boss or anyone and everyone’ at all times to place myself in an advantageous position. While flexibility and adaptability are definitely required, it is equally important to stand for what you believe in. I have had a fair share of mistakes in my career but I am happy with what I have done thus far and am doing right now.
I have also seen a number of colleagues, friends and people that I know of, following the other routes to be whatever they are in their respective careers. At the end of the day what is important is the answer to the question ‘am i happy and comfortable with what i do’. If the answer is yes, just do it!




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