Constant chatter… No quietude

A friend of mine remarked that am “always on” when he saw me with my two phones and constant companion, the iPad. I was wondering at that time if he was right and am I really “always on” ? I have two phones because I have to use the Airtel connection for all my office conference calls and the blackberry. The other phone is my number that I have had for nearly 12 years now 🙂

Yes am hooked onto the iPad because am a book worm and the iPad has all the books I am reading or have bought. All my reading for my Exec MBA was done on the iPad. I love the instant connect with my friends over Facebook messenger, email and skype. Ok, I guess am “always on” 🙁

Somehow the human society seems to be wired to be chattering constantly…. We live in groups, consider people living alone as weird or saints, party with many other people, eat food with others, we are talking constantly, either within ourselves or with others. Can you stop and just go quiet ? The womb is quiet, the universe is quiet, the minute we enter the world, the chatter starts… Your baby moves adored, your childish pranks tolerated, your youthful indiscretions shouted at, your marriage approved or disapproved and then your baby, the whole cycle repeats itself, with no “quietude”. I had last seen this word used in my school, during the English language class.

The traffic is noisy, the TV blares, the office is noisy, constant chatter – decisions made under stress, no time for reflection – are you able to steal even a few minutes just to be quiet, inside and outside ? I guess not. You don’t have to find time for “quietude” by going off to a cave, you just need to find a few minutes everyday to be still, quiet, calm and reflect. The decisions you make would be better, the practise would help you de-stress, and tune in to your true frequency and tune out the world. Do this every few hours, while you are at work, while driving and while having an argument. It’s tough, but try and slowly make it a habit.

Cut the chatter out… Get some quietude in. Switch off from the outside, switch on inside.

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