Bird Talk

During our morning walk today, I caught a set of crows discussing some secrets perched on a lighting pole and a Bulbul sitting in a tree branch calling out to somebody or just doing bird talk :):).

Crows sharing secrets
Bulbul in the tree

We see several birds during our morning walk – sparrows, crows, bulbuls, mynahs, robins, kites, pigeons and parakeets. Sometimes we do sight a peacock or peahen. While trying to identify some of the birds, I read that sparrows have reduced greatly in Delhi. In order to bring them back, Sparrows have been adopted as the state bird for Delhi and March 20th is celebrated as World Sparrow Day.

Two things that I will miss most post lockdown is the deep silence through the day and waking up to birds chirping…. Slowly as things get back to normal, the sounds of a city are coming back. The dhobi and garbage collector can now come to the door to collect clothes and garbage respectively, so that’s two extra bells in the mornings. Some construction work has started in the adjacent tower, so you hear some additional noise.

Hoping that the birds continue to hang around even as the city comes back to life.

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