Butchers disguised as doctors !

Today the first piece of news on many news channels was how a minor 13 year girl was locked up in a Dwarka house with food and water for just two days. Her employers are doctors and they left her behind as they have gone on a trip to Thailand. They have placed CCTVs in all rooms so that they can track her movements and would beat her up regularly. She had never been given enough food and made to do all sorts of work …. A few weeks back we all saw the baby of the nation, Falak, breathe her last and many of us rationalised it in our heads by saying “oh, the uneducated folk from the hinterlands or slums behave this way” …. What about two doctors, who took the hippocratic oath to do everything to save a life – nearly killing this poor child !! The neighbours and fire dept had to break two doors to get to her. They will be arrested when they get back from their pleasure trip – but money may get them a bail.

I wish to meet their child – and have them explain to her why they treated this 11 year old girl this way… Or even better, lock them up with no water and food for atleast 12 and a half days.

What will the medical fraternity do ? Debar this couple from practising ? They are butchers, not life savers.

The educated society will be bystanders as usual I guess.

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