Angry words

Don’t teach me how to live,
I like my personal hell,
don’t tell me always what to wear,
I like the jarring colors,
don’t tell me how to sit,
I enjoy the pain in my hip,
don’t tell me what to cook,
I like the time spent cooking a lot,
don’t tell me to broaden my perspective,
I love the well I have stared at all my life,
don’t tell me about strife,
I don’t see it and don’t wish to see it,
don’t tell me about responsibility,
you take it as you are so keen,
don’t expect my brothers to be good,
I love them, so they are right,
don’t expect, don’t expect, don’t expect me to change,
and if you do,
I will sulk, I will cry, I will go silent,
I will refuse to live here,
I will read the same book on the same page,
I will stand and watch the milk boil over,
I will remember him the way I want,
I will become a prolific writer of God’s name,
don’t expect me to change,
you change your expectattions,
because I promised to
Remain unchanged from cradle to grave !

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